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Early start to the 4th of July with slow-motion, bird's-eye-view of fireworks exploding

(CBS News) Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and with the national holiday tends to come a bit of grilling and a whole lot of fireworks. So let's get an early start to the latter tradition with a truly fascinating slow-motion, bird's-eye-view of some fireworks exploding in the air. Check it out.

The amazing perspective was provided by YouTube user jeremiahjw, who has been featured here on The Feed multiple times for his educational series of videos, and who writes about this aptly timed latest project:

This is my follow up to the firework POV video I did last year. This time I wanted to do one where you got to see the fireworks from above!

I'm going to go ahead and include his video from last year that he referenced in the description below, and to check out more work by jeremiahjw, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.

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