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Find Almost Any PDF Online

There's a treasure trove of books and papers online -- PDFs that contain user guides for equipment in your office, white papers, free e-books on business strategy -- you name it. Finding it all can be a challenge, though.

Pdfgeni helps you zero in on the PDF you're looking for. It's a dedicated PDF search engine; just enter a search string, and you'll get pages of results, all in PDF format.

I've found some truly useful things with Pdfgeni, like a compact version of Ken Rockwell's user guide for the Nikon D200 and a white paper from IDC on the value of video collaboration (one of my personal pet projects).

Pdfgeni is not entirely unlike The Manuals, though Pdfgeni is more open-ended, and will find any PDF it can; The Manuals is designed to sniff out user guides exclusively.

Add Pdfgeni to the list of oddball search engines you use instead of Google or Bing for specialized searches -- you, know, like Wolfram Alpha, or this collection of ten specialized search engines that look for free stuff, documents, video, and more.