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FBI director: We know the Americans fighting in Syria

FBI Director James Comey sits down for his first television interview since taking over the bureau
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UPDATE: "The Director" aired on oct, 5, 2014. Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Robert Anderson and Pat Milton, producers.

FBI Director James Comey says he will keep a close eye on any Americans who fight for ISIS and then return to the U.S. He also talks about the ominous threat of cybercrime in his first major television interview since he became the FBI's top official a year ago. The interview, conducted by Scott Pelley, will be broadcast on 60 Minutes on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT on the CBS Television Network.

Comey says he is aware of about "a dozen or so" Americans who have joined ISIS, but can't discount there may be more. Of the ones he knows, he says he will do everything in his power to monitor them should they return to the U.S.

"Ultimately, an American citizen, unless their passport is revoked, is entitled to come back," he tells Pelley. "So someone who has fought with ISIL, with an American passport, wants to come back, we will track them very carefully."

Also in the interview Sunday, Comey identifies cybercrime as the looming threat most Americans are not wary enough about. He says one of his top priorities for the bureau is to improve its capability against such cybercrimes as ID theft and industrial espionage.


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