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Fall Classic Becomes "Weed" Series

Ahh, the World Series. The chill in the air. The roar of the crowd. The crack of the bat. The scent of the weed.

With San Francisco claiming home field advantage in this year's Fall Classic, it's pot - not pitching - which is creating all the buzz as the Giants battle the Rangers.

For starters, the home team's ace Tim Lincecum is a bona fide poster boy for marijuana. The shaggy-haired pitcher - nicknamed "The Freak" - was arrested for possession last year and has since become a pothead icon for many - as evidenced by the ubiquitous "Let Timmy Smoke" t-shirts in the Bay Area. ( Lincecum carefully tiptoed around his status as stoner-hero in a World Series interview earlier this week.)

The timing of this year's Fall Classic has added even more fuel to the ganja blaze. Prop 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in California, could become law if it's passed on Tuesday. There were almost as many fans wearing "Yes We Cannabis" campaign stickers as Giants jerseys at AT&T Park.

The issue has also made it on the field. Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, himself a recovering substance abuser, said that he "could smell weed in the outfield" coming from the bleachers. And Dallas sports reporter Newy Scruggs interrupted a live stand-up to point out that, just a few yards away from his cameraman, there were "people smoking weed!" (See video above.)

Alas, now the World Series moves to Arlington, Texas and the marijuana buzz will likely fade. One can only hope the Rangers win at least two games at home. That way, the teams will have to travel back to San Francisco for Game 6 - just in time for a vote on Prop 19.

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