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Facebook's iPad app is finally here

Facebook's iPad app is finally here

(CBS) - C'mon, iPad users, you know you're excited about this one. Regardless of the availability of third-party iPad apps for the social network, it's just not the same (you say in that whine-y voice). So yay for the long-awaited Facebook iPad app, which was just released today.

This afternoon, Facebook released an updated version of its iPhone app designed to fill out the larger screen of the iPad. The Facebook iPad app is finally here! Glorious! By the way, it's free. Perfect!

"With the iPad app, you get the full Facebook experience, right at your fingertips. It's a fun, colorful way to keep up with your friends, share photos, chat and more," blogs Leon Dubinsky, Facebook mobile engineer.

Some features include:

- The ability to scroll through your News Feed with the swiping gesture

- Bigger and better photos

- Easy navigation to games, apps, groups and lists

- The ability to chat with friends right on the iPad

- Play games in full-screen mode

- Watch high-res videos online

- Record HD video and stream to Airplay devices

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"The lack of an iPad app for the most popular social network in the world has been a mystery, ever since Apple launched its tablet computer a year and half ago," says Money Watch. So why now? Who cares - it's here, and we're stoked.

Along with the new iPad app, Facebook has also made several improvements to the already launched iPhone app. In your next update of that, you'll see a simplified navigation, faster search and access to more games and apps, just to name a few tweaks.

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