Facebook web series adds your photos to Jackson Rathbone's world

Jackson Rathbone

(CBS) - Imagine actor Jackson Rathbone is walking down the hallway of a high school, head bopping to your favorite song and passing by a poster of you.

That's the world Warner Brothers and director McG want to create for Facebook users in their new web series "Aim High."

At first, we were ready to scoff at the show. The plot is a bit hokey. Rathbone plays 16-year-old Nick Green, a "top agent" for the U.S. government, who happens to be in high school. Okay, "21 Jumpstreet" 2.0. Calm down. But, we were drawn to the show's star, Rathbone, who plays Jasper in the "Twilight" films. 

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Once we learned that the show would be interactive, our ears perked up. The technology behind the special effects sounds a lot like Intel's Museum of Me project.

"The show becomes personal." McG told Reuters. "Music that the characters are listening to comes from your playlist, pictures on the walls, TV screens and picture frames inside the show are from your profile."

Maybe the plot is a little unbelievable, but having our picture alongside Jackson Rathbone on the same screen is enough to convince us to watch.

The show's Facebook premiere is on October 18 in the U.S. only. See the trailer at Facebook.com/AimHighSeries.