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Facebook testing video advertisements

Facebook says it's testing video advertisements that will show up in its users' news feeds.

When they appear, the advertisements will automatically start playing without sound. Users can either click on the video to view them with sound, or keep scrolling by if they're not interested. 

Facebook users who don't want to see the videos can scroll past the post. A spokesperson for Facebook told CBS News there is not an option to stop ads from auto-playing because the ads will only download when connected to Wi-Fi.

Facebook says video content will be downloaded while the device is connected to Wi-Fi to avoid using up data plans. Facebook had no comment on how much space is used to store videos that are downloaded to mobile phones over Wi-Fi.

The move could significantly boost Facebook's advertising revenue. The company's shares rose $1.05, or 2 percent, to $54.86 in premarket trading.

Facebook says the idea is still very much in the testing phase and that it's not currently selling video advertisements.

As part of its testing, Facebook says it's partnering with Summit Entertainment to show a series of videos related to its upcoming film "Divergent" to some of its users on Thursday.

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