Facebook Stories chronicles incredible ways people use the social network

Facebook Stories shares how people use Facebook in extraordinary ways. Facebook

(CBS News) Facebook can be many things to many people, and now the social network has launched a website that collects the tales of regular people doing amazing things on Facebook.

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"Today we launched Facebook Stories. We're excited to share these amazing stories from the people who use Facebook around the world. We hope you'll enjoy their stories and be inspired to share your own as well," Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced on the social network Thursday.

So what kinds of stories are collected on the site?

Mayank Sharma tells the story of how contracting tubercular meningitis wiped his memory to the point where he didn't remember his family, or himself.

"During my recovery, everyone was standing around me trying to make me remember," Sharma said. "Doctors say these things I think I remember now are just from these tales. That's why I can't picture myself in the scenes. It's not me remembering from the past, but it's me remembering what others have been telling me."

Sharma tells the story of how connecting with friends and family and Facebook helped him rebuild his past from other people's memories.

Ari Shaprio, NPR's White House correspondent, shares a nail-biting story of how he had just 45 minutes to record and upload a segment in the bathroom on Air Force One before take-off. The upload completed just before the plane ascended into the clouds. Shapiro's story is part of a series dedicated to moments you'll never forget.

Anyone with an amazing experience can submit their stories, which will be chosen to be featured in upcoming installments.