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Facebook may launch location-tracking app in March

What if your online friends could track your every move? According to a recent report, Facebook is said to launch a location-tracking app this Spring.

Facebook is planning to launch a stand-alone app that is designed to find friends who are nearby, Bloomberg reports. Citing two people with knowledge of the matter, the news agency says that the app is scheduled for release in mid-March.

Facebook already has a location-based feature called Places that is similar to services like Foursquare, where users can "check-in" to landmarks, bars or restaurants and broadcast the post to friends.

The app, which has not been named, has been compared to Apple's Find My Friends app, which tracks users even if the app is not launched.

Facebook's location-tracking app would be similar to Apple's because users will reportedly be constantly tracked, as well. The idea is that if the app user is near a friend or place of interest, they will be sent notification. It's not clear if Facebook users who do not download the app will also have their locations tracked.

A spokesperson for Facebook declined to comment on the report.

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