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Facebook is getting really, really good at tagging you in photos

CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman joins CBSN with more on how it works
Facebook uses facial recognition, whether you like it or not 01:12

If you feel that Facebook is getting a little aggressive in its photo tagging, it's because it is.

On the back of its DeepFace facial recognition software and massive archive of photos, the social network is getting really, really good at recognizing people in pictures and tagging them right quick. In fact, DeepFace is now "as accurate as a human being at a few constrained facial recognition tasks," according to Science.

And Facebook is showing off its abilities -- on your page.

"They're going back to older photos," said CNET's Dan Ackerman, and tagging anyone it recognizes. And it recognizes a lot of people. That's because the more photos uploaded of the same people, the better the software gets at recognizing faces that pop up over and over again. And users upload some 400 million new photos a day. That's a lot of learning.

"It knows other people you know, it knows their faces," Ackerman added. "It has a lot of examples of those faces. That's how facial recognition works; it needs a bunch of different samples to be able to guess at what it is."

The feature only works within your network of friends, and, technically you can turn it off in your settings, though Facebook doesn't tend to make that particularly easy.

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