Eyewitnesses describe dramatic Cleveland rescue

(CBS News) CLEVELAND - In Cleveland, three women freed from years of captivity are spending their first weekend home.

A spokesman said Sunday the women wouldn't talk to the media until after the prosecution of their accused abductor.

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Cleveland women say they're happy to be home

Two eyewitness who were there describe the dramatic moment when they were first recovered.

Cell phone video shows Cleveland police moving in on Ariel Castro's home as they pry open the front door. More and more officers run toward the house.

Jasmina Baldrich and Ashley Colon
Jasmina Baldrich and Ashley Colon
CBS News

Jasmina Baldrich recorded it. She was in a car with her friend Ashley Colon.

"We go down the street thinking cops were going to pull us over, then we saw all this madness with the police," Baldrich said. "They were going in the back of the house, just trying to find a way to break it in."

They had no idea what they were recording.

The video stops because the phone battery dies. But just before it cuts off, it captures this image. A woman holding her child, standing next to a neighbor.

Baldrich and Colon overheard what that woman told police.

"The cop asked her, 'Who are you?' She's like, 'I'm Amanda Berry.' We seen how they got the other girls from outside the house. They were all shaking. It was so sad," Baldrich said.

She also saw Amanda's 6-year-old girl.

"She had her in her arms," Baldrich described. "She was carrying her baby the whole time in her arms, and the baby kept saying 'daddy.'"

Cell phone video captures Amanda Berry and her child in their first moments of freedom outside Ariel Castro's home.
Cell phone video captures Amanda Berry and her child in their first moments of freedom outside Ariel Castro's home.
CBS News/Jasmina Baldrich

Less than a mile away, Ariel Castro was arrested at a local fast food store.

Ariel's brother's Pedro and Onil were also arrested but later cleared. In an interview with CNN, they say they've received death threats and that they knew nothing about what was happening in their brother's home.

"If I knew, I would've reported it - brother or no brother," Pedro said on CNN.

With Ariel in jail, his three captives are in their first weekend of freedom. On Wednesday Gina DeJesus' father looked forward to this day.

"That's the best mother's day present any mother could have," he said.