Ethan Stacy Update: Family Says Last Goodbyes at 4-Year-Old's Funeral

Ethan Stacy (Personal Photo)

RICHLANDS, Va. (CBS/AP) Ethan Stacy's father, Joe Stacy, family and friends said their last goodbyes at the 4-year-old's funeral Wednesday in southwest Virginia, reflecting on the good times and the good in people.

"I'm remembering all the good times," the mourning father said, without mentioning his son's violent death. "There were no bad times at all."

Ethan's disfigured body was found on a Utah mountain last week. Utah authorities allege Ethan died of abuse and neglect by his mother, Stephanie Sloop, and stepfather, Nathanael Sloop.

They've been jailed on suspicion of aggravated murder but have not been charged.

Joe Stacy commented on the national outpouring of sympathy, the Bristol Herald Courier reported.

"You never realize how many good people are out there until something bad happens," the 35-year-old father said.

He reluctantly agreed to send Ethan to visit his mother and stepfather in Utah on May 1. Ethan was found dead 10 days later.

Pastor Mike Rife compared Ethan's death to how a stone breaks the surface of still water, sending ripples and touching the lives of people across the country.

Some in the crowd of about 100 at the funeral did not know the family.

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