Ethan Stacy's Mother: "You Can Always Have More Children," She Says of Previous Loss

Ethan Stacy (AP Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) The body of missing 4-year-old Ethan Stacy was discovered Tuesday in northern Utah. Police have arrested his mother and his stepfather in connection with his apparent murder, and CRIMESIDER has discovered some unsettling information on what appears to be the couple's wedding site.

PICTURES: Ethan Stacy Dead; Mother, Stepfather Charged

Crimesider discovered the site on, where the boy's mother Stephanie Sloop apparently wrote, in regard to the past loss of unborn twins, "Even though I lost the babies we planned to have, it saved my life. You can always have more children, but Nathan couldn't replace me."

On the site, the couple talks about the first time that they saw each other, their reunion in 2009, and their upcoming wedding.

According to the site, Nathan, Ethan's stepfather, and Stephanie,had known each other in high school, but the couple did not reconnect until years later

"Just a few years ago as I was going through the deepest, darkest part of my life," wrote Nathan on the site, saying, "dealing with my child being kidnapped and being in the middle of a vicious divorce, I began receiving these encouraging emails that had impeccable timing. That was my Steph sending me an encouraging word just when I was at my lowest."

Nowhere on the rest of the site does Nathan mention his other child or if the child was ever found.

Nathan and Stephanie Sloop (AP Photo/Davis County Sheriff's Office)

The site says that Nathan knew Stephanie was the one for him because "she cooks like a master chef, loves the same kind of movies I do, and instead of provoking my Bad Boy side, she respects it."

PICTURES: Ethan Stacy Dead; Mother, Stepfather Charged

On the site, Stephanie says that she appreciates her "Bad Boy" and believes Nathan changed her in ways she didn't think possible.

"Nathan made me realize that for years I was writing checks my ego couldn't cash. We all have egos, some under control, some aren't. Though mine wasn't completely out of whack, it did need adjustments," reads the site.

Throughout the "Groom" section, she mentions her happiness, the things they have in common, her miscarriage and the fact that Nathan saved her life twice "without it having been in danger for provoking his bad side."

She exclaims that she couldn't be happier that "someone else's garbage is now my treasure."

Police say that Stephanie reported Ethan missing on Monday, claiming that the boy had wandered out of their apartment and disappeared. The Layton Police say they interrogated neighbors and identified sex offenders in the area, but turned up no sign of the little boy.

However, when interviewed, the Sloops' story reportedly changed, and the search for Ethan continued at a canyon 25 miles from the couple's apartment. Police discovered the boy's body Tuesday, but have not disclosed how he died.

Ethan's mother is facing potential charges including felony child abuse, obstruction of justice, and desecration of a corpse. The 4-year-old's stepfather is held on suspicion of aggravated homicide, felony child abuse, and obstruction of justice

MEDIA:PICTURES: Ethan Stacy Dead; Mother, Stepfather Charged

May 12, 2010 - Ethan Stacy Found Dead; Mother and Stepfather Charged in 4-Year-Old's Death