ESPNW imagines Loretta Lynch and two senators as Marvel Comics superheroes


Attorney General Loretta Lynch upended the world of professional soccer this year when she announced in May that the U.S. Justice Department was indicting nine high-ranking officials from FIFA (the international body governing professional soccer) and five corporate executives affiliated with the organization for charges including fraud and money laundering.

Thanks to that ongoing -- and growing -- investigation into the corruption surrounding professional soccer, the sports network ESPNW is honoring Lynch on its "Impact25" list of 25 people who had a significant impact this year on women's sports. The network teamed up with Marvel Comics to envision the women on their list as superheroes, dubbing Lynch "FIFA slayer."

"We have no word on whether Loretta Lynch's foot ever nailed a ball into a soccer net, but after this year, her impact on the beautiful game is as legendary as Brandi Chastain's," ESPNW wrote.

The network also honored Democratic Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Claire McCaskill of Missouri as the "senators of steel" for their work on addressing campus sexual assault. "According to the 2014 McCaskill Report, when a case involves an athlete, more than 20 percent of schools allow their athletic departments to investigate and resolve the incident from within," ESPNW wrote.