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"My Life of Crime" with Erin Moriarty: A "48 Hours" original podcast

"My Life of Crime" podcast Season 3 debut
"My Life of Crime" podcast Season 3 debuts today 04:44
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"48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty's award-winning original true-crime podcast, "My Life of Crime," returns for a third season. The captivating and thrilling podcast from CBS News Audio and "48 Hours," America's No. 1 Saturday night true-crime destination, is available on all podcast platforms with new episodes released every Wednesday.

Moriarty and "My Life of Crime" takes you deeper inside true-crime investigations like no one else, taking on killers and those accused of crimes by providing additional and extensive reporting on the "48 Hours" episodes fans already love. In the first two episodes of the season, Moriarty revisits the murder of Christie Wilson, including an extended interview with her convicted killer Mario Garcia, who still insists on his innocence. Later in the season, Moriarty unravels some of the most compelling true-crime cases from the mysterious death of boxing legend Arturo Gatti to a Baptist preacher accused of staging his wife's suicide.

"Erin Moriarty is hands down one of the best true-crime correspondents in the business," said Judy Tygard, executive producer of "48 Hours." "As a lawyer and a reporter, Erin brings a depth to these cases like no other. She's not afraid of taking on tough cases or tough stories and she does it all with compassion. Erin and 'My Life of Crime' are bringing the "48 Hours" brand to new audiences."

"My Life of Crime" brushes past the speculation to the evidence and talks to the people directly involved, including investigators and the families of victims. The weekly podcast series goes beyond the scene of each crime, behind prison walls, and into the killers' inner thoughts.

"Season three of 'My Life of Crime' is all about lying. It's both shocking and fascinating to listen to killers, hoping to get away with murder and getting tangled up in their own lies," said Moriarty. "These aren't just whodunits, it's why they did it and how close they came to getting away with it." 

Follow and listen to "My Life of Crime" wherever you get your podcasts.   

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