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"My Life of Crime" with Erin Moriarty: A "48 Hours" original podcast

In the second season of her critically praised "My Life of Crime" podcast, "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty goes past the headlines to confront crime and its consequences face-to face.

The podcast from the CBS Audio Network and "48 Hours" is available on all podcast platforms. The new season premiered Wednesday, September 30.

In each edition of "My Life of Crime," Moriarty delivers an immersive, intimate and sometimes irreverent take on true-crime cases. Some are infamous, some are little known, but all include Moriarty's signature reporting. In true Moriarty style, she brings listeners along on her journey, going to the scene of a crime, behind prison walls, and in season two, as far as South America.

The weekly podcast series is varied and diverse. Among the stories lined up for the second season of "My Life of Crime" include "The Life and Death of Amie Harwick," Moriarty's investigation into the death of the famed Hollywood therapist and author whose murder put a national spotlight on domestic violence. The episode features Moriarty's revealing, emotional interviews with friends who opened up about her fears of abuse and how her work deeply helped others.

"Death by Text," features Moriarty's story on the Massachusetts teen Conrad Roy who died in 2014 and whose death raised a legal battle over whether texts and messages from a friend pushed him to take his own life. And in "Brother's Mission," Moriarty visits Brazil to find the accused killer of a decorated U.S. military pilot.

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[This episode features content from a previous episode of "My Life of Crime."]

How murder, mayhem and a not so average mom shaped the life of Hollywood filmmaker Nicholas Musurca. Nick's specialty is horror films. His childhood revolved around his mother's unusual occupation- TV crime reporter for 48 Hours. He grew up on tales of abducted children, eerie crime scenes and serial killers. One of those notorious murderers, known as "BTK," mailed some of his artwork to the house. Why? Because his mother gave out their home address. Nick's mother, none other than crime reporter Erin Moriarty, believed that the killer's artwork was essential to reporting the story… and she figured the killer wasn't getting out of jail anytime soon. This funny, warm, biting podcast about combining motherhood with investigating murder delves into the relationship between Hollywood horror and true crime. Hosted jointly by Erin Moriarty and her partner in crime at 48 Hours, correspondent Richard Schlesinger, the podcast showcases what it's like to cover some of the country's most infamous crimes and the victims who must live through them.

A woman somehow hits her ex-husband with a car right after he escaped from their burning house. He was already suffering severe burns, and died shortly after. Then, she's accused of arson. So what really happened?

Whenever someone dies, forensic pathologists are the medical experts tasked with determining the specific causes of death. Their determinations are key to criminal investigations, insurance payments, emotional closure, and more.

Crosley Green was arrested, charged, and sentenced to death for murder in 1990. A judge overturned his conviction in 2018 and, two years later, he is still sitting in prison for a crime he says he did not commit.

Attorneys, criminal investigators, and a full jury retry the case of Lizzie Borden, who was acquitted of murdering her father and step-mother in their home in 1892.

Carole Baskin. Don Lewis. Joe Exotic. 48 Hours' Erin Moriarty and her colleague Richard Schlesinger discuss his reporting and investigation regarding the disappearance of Don Lewis.

A mother-of-two found dead at home. Police suspect her husband, who claims he was helping their oldest daughter move into a college dorm. Which he was, until he wasn't.

A woman shoots and kills her ex-boyfriend at home, lies to police that she thought he was an intruder, and then claims it was self-defense. So what really happened?

A harsh, yet beloved doctor found murdered in her own home. Her husband is the first suspect, except he was hundreds of miles away. And then, authorities link what seems to be a doppelganger of the husband to the case.

An online romance, a fast-moving marriage, then murder. And then the journey begins ...10 years to justice.

A sex and family therapist dedicated to helping others with their personal struggles and relationships is killed. The main suspect? Her ex-boyfriend.  

A mother with her throat slit. Her ex-husband claims she tried to commit suicide. She says he slit her throat. Who's telling the truth? And then, police uncover a nefarious plot...

A young man goes missing in New York City after a night out. Police are close to a major breakthrough in the case.  

A young man is spending a night out with friends in New York City, and then he disappears. The last place he was seen? Apartment 4C.  

An elderly couple is stabbed to death in their own homes, with no evidence left behind. But months later, cops receive a phone call that places suspicion squarely on a former local hero.  

A young man commits suicide in his truck. But after investigators look through his text messages, the suicide investigation becomes something else altogether.  

"48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty returns with another season of immersive and intimate true-crime investigations. In each episode, Moriarty brings listeners along on her journey, going to the scene of a crime, behind prison walls, and in this season, as far as South America. Serial killers, stalkers, spouses ... it's all on this season of "My Life of Crime."


Raynella Leath has spent decades battling suspicions about her past. Her first husband was said to be trampled to death by his own cattle. The death of her second husband was a reported suicide, with three shots fired. Will details surface to prove she is a murderous widow? Or will the former nurse from Knox County, Tennessee, finally shed the rumors surrounding her? Erin Moriarty journeys into the life of the widow on Solway Road as Raynella Leath goes on trial for the murder of her second husband, David Leath.

The trial ends in a way that no one sees coming. Raynella Leath learns her fate.   

There's a part of Raynella Leath's past jurors were never told. Hear one man's story of being on the wrong end of Raynella Leath's gun.   

The prosecution has made its case. It's now up to the defense. Did David Leath take his own life? 

There are no eye witnesses or physical evidence tying Raynella Leath to the death of her second husband. Will circumstantial evidence be enough to convince jurors that she is guilty of murder?  

Raynella Leath says she found her second husband dead in bed on March 13, 2003. She reported it as a suicide, but Investigators suspect murder.

 Every case has twist and turns, but this one will take your breath away. A woman loses two husbands, both under unusual circumstances. The media labels her a black widow. She says she's done nothing wrong.


How would you like to spend the night at the scene of one of America's most notorious crimes? Come along with "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty for "My Life of Crime," an immersive podcast series from the producers of "48 Hours," America's true-crime destination.

Moriarty will take you inside the house and you'll spend the night where Lizzie Borden is famously accused of killing two people with an ax. This six-part series is as varied and diverse as Moriarty's award-winning work on "48 Hours."

Was there foul play, or was it an accident the night Natalie Wood died? Take a peek behind prison walls at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, New York's maximum-security prison for women. You'll listen not only to their stories, but to the music class that helps these violent criminals escape — at least temporarily. And Moriarty has her own, personal true-crime journey to share when she introduces us to a young, aspiring Hollywood horror writer and producer, who just happens to be her son.

"48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty takes the stage at CrimeCon with Natalie Wood's sister Lana, searching for the truth about what happened to the legendary actress who drowned off the coast of Catalina Island in California in November 1981 after she went missing from her family's yacht. | Read more

"48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty visits the songwriting workshop at the maximum security women's prison in Bedford Hills, New York. | Read more

Patrick Flaherty is serving 40 years behind bars. He committed a series of crimes, but not murder. In this journey behind prison walls, "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty asks: does the punishment fit the crime? | Read more

"48 Hours" correspondents Erin Moriarty and Richard Schlesinger talk to a Hollywood horror writer and producer about his scary movies. As you will hear, true crime runs in the family. | Read more

Erin Moriarty spends the night at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and takes us through the forensics, the trial, and the stunning verdict.| Read more

The story of one of the most famous and sensational murder cases of all time deconstructed in an overnight visit to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum. | Read more

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll hear in this original podcast series. Erin Moriarty takes you behind the scenes and reveals the story behind the story in some of the most suspenseful and heart-breaking cases she's covered over her career as a crime journalist.

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