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Company pledges to clean up oil that spilled from Bahamas facility damaged by Hurricane Dorian

Relief supplies running out in Bahamas
Dorian recovery dire as supplies dwindle in Bahamas 02:18

An energy company pledged Sunday to clean up oil that spilled from its facility in the Bahamas when Hurricane Dorian devastated parts of the island nation. Norwegian-based Equinor said it was unclear how big the spill was at its South Riding Point oil terminal on Grand Bahama.

CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett reported from outside the facility Saturday that domes on some of the structures were completely removed by Dorian. Oil was seen all around the area, and the smell was pungent, Barnett reported.

Equinor said security personnel were at the site identifying potential hazards. A security official told Barnett and his crew Saturday they were free to walk around inside the facility but that they would be doing so at their own risk.

On Sunday, the company said there were "no indications of continued oil leakage from the tanks or of oil spills from the terminal to sea or beaches." The company also said it was still assessing the spill.

At least 43 people were killed when Dorian hit the Bahamas, and the death toll was expected to rise. Equinor said its 54 workers on Grand Bahama were safe.

Food, water and other supplies were in short supply on Grand Bahama. People had to wait for three hours for fuel Saturday morning at one of the few working gas stations on the island, Barnett reported.

There were also long lines outside Freeport banks and grocery stores. It seemed everybody needs some form of help, Barnett reported.

Leroy Glinton hitched a ride with Barnett's crew, which was heading east to the hardest-hit areas. Glinton told Barnett his home was barely standing and it would take a couple of years to rebuild.

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