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Epic key changes in music highlighted through song

(CBS News) I'm sure you've experienced that moment where a song is real soft and sweet, then a pause happens... and boom! Like a musical exclamation mark, a singer belts out at the top of their lungs or instrumental speeds up hard and tone changes dramatically. 

Most of these would be prime examples of a key change, a device used by many singers and bands. And while I could write on some examples of this tool in history (yawn!), why not click play to see and hear some of the most epic cases for yourself in an equally epic music video.

So not only is this latest video from The Feed's favorite experimental music groupCDZA (short for Collective Cadenza), an excellent demonstration of key changes within popular music over decades, but it also holds a very special spot in my heart personally since I may or may not actually be a part of the video (okay, more likely the former). Feel free to guess who in the Comments section below.

And a big triple-rainbow salute of ongoing and amazing musical education goes out to CDZA from us here at The Feed for their latest! And to check out more great work from CDZAclick here to see our previous posts about them or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.

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