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Once again, EPA considers ban on paint stripper chemical linked to dozens of deaths

EPA mulls paint stripper chemical ban again
Once again, EPA considers ban on deadly paint stripper chemical 02:23

The EPA is once again considering a ban of a potentially deadly chemical found in paint strippers. "CBS This Morning" reported earlier this year that the Trump administration was backing away from banning methylene chloride. Under the Obama administration the EPA first proposed the ban, saying the chemical posed an "unreasonable risk."

Environmental and safety advocates call the latest EPA announcement significant. It means a ban on this deadly chemical is still in play, a ban they and the EPA's own scientists say will save lives. "CBS This Morning" introduced viewers to the families whose loved ones died from exposure to that chemical in paint strippers.

This week, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt met with two of the mothers featured in our reports, and on Thursday the agency it will now keep moving in the direction of a ban.

CBS News' Anna Werner spoke with Richard Denison of the Environmental Defense Fund, who says the families' stories were instrumental in bringing change.

"The families that stood up and said enough is enough here made a difference. They were able to appeal to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, to demonstrate this was not a partisan fight between environmentalists and industry, it was something that was taking human lives across the country," Denison said.

Family members of some of those who died said they're cautiously optimistic with this new development, but plan to continue to hold the agency's feet to the fire until this chemical is banned for consumer and most professional uses.

Why is a potentially lethal chemical still legal in the U.S.? 05:16
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