Environmental Sites

Whether or not you think the cause of environmental justice is a legitimate concern, the Web has a great deal of information on the subject. Below are some of the best sources on the subject.

Superfund Site: Is there a leaking underground toxic fuel tank in your area? Find out here, at the home page for the EPA's billion-dollar cleanup project.

List of Toxic Substances: From acetone to xylene: This site, created by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (part of the Department of Health and Human Services) will tell you what substances cause what harm to whom.

The Environmental Justice Information Page: Created by class at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment, this site is a good primer on environmental justice. It includes a brief history of the movement.

National Environmental Justice Advisory Council: An arm of the EPA, this group is in charge of advising the government on the subject. This site has names and phone numbers of people you'll want to contact if you think your area may have a problem, as well as links to other important government sites, including the Office of Environmental Justice.

Environmental Defense Fund: This site has tips on how you can affect your area's environment, a history of environmentalism, information about legal and legislative efforts to promote environmentalism. There's information here on all kinds of environmental problems, everything from traffic congestion to global warming.

Environmental Justice Database: Created by the Michigan State University Extension, is a bibliographic search tool that has citations for legal cases, journal articles, and books relating to environmental justice.

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written by David Kohn