Elijah Wood takes nothing for granted

Beyond acting, there's a lot for Wood to sink his teeth into.

He says he's not seeing anyone right now: "At the moment, there's not a lot of time."

Here's one reason why: The actor owns a record label, and spends hours hunting for vintage vinyl.

Wood says his passion for acting is rivaled only by his love of music.

"I've deejayed with it a couple of times. It's pretty awesome," he said.

At some of the coolest events in L.A., it's not unusual to see this movie star spinning records, just for the thrill of doing it.

"No scratching is involved," he said. "But now that I'm deejaying more often and with vinyl, I find that I'm buying more records just to facilitate that."

"Do people freak when they see you if they're not expecting - are they like, 'Oh my god, Frodo!'" Smith asked.

"Kind of. All sorts of reactions. Confusion, initially. Like, 'Are you ...? Wait, are you in 'Lord of the Rings'?' Like, just very confused."

Actually, he still IS Frodo: he'll reprise the part in the upcoming "Hobbit" trilogy, in a part written especially for him.

It may be his last turn doing this, but no matter how far Elijah Wood strays from Middle-Earth, it will always be a part of him.

He - and other "LOTR" cast members - have tattoos. "It stands for the nine members of the Fellowship. It's actually the number nine written out in Elvish, the language of the Elves. Doesn't get any more nerdy than that!" he laughed.