Edwards: Running "With Everything I've Got"

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

WINNSBORO, S.C. -- John Edwards popped into Barn Xpress, a cafeteria/convenience store in Winnsboro to shake hands with customers before Saturday's Democratic primary in the Palmetto State.

When he spoke to reporters after his visit, I asked him about his remarks on CBS News' Face The Nation today where he admitted he has to win some primaries at some point. I asked if that included Super Tuesday states.

"I'm not setting those kind of standards," said Edwards. "What I'm gonna do is run with everything I got, fight for the things I care about."

Another note of interest: Edwards is speaking as if John McCain will be the nominee for the Republicans and he's making the argument that the Democrats need someone to beat him - and neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are that someone.

"This is a guy (McCain) who's made central to his political life, campaign finance reform," said Edwards. "It seems to me we ought to be putting somebody up against him who's never taken money from special interest PACs or Washington lobbyists. Between the three of us, that's me."