Edwards' "Groundhog Day"

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

TULSA, OKLA. -- Bill Murray was nowhere to be found in the House of Representatives last night. But according to John Edwards, George Bush's State of the Union address looked like one of Murray's movies about repeating the same daily routines over and over again.

"What I heard was more tax cuts for big business, more illegal spying on the American people, and everything's going great in Iraq; if we just stay on course and keep doing the same thing for the next however many of years, everythings just gonna be fine," said Edwards. "Boy, it sounded like 'Groundhog Day' to me. We've heard all this before."

The comments came at the top of his speech to 400 supporters inside a local Transport Workers Union hall.

Following the speech Edwards took questions from reporters. After answering for the umpteenth time whether he'll be dropping out of the race ("I'm in it for the long haul"), one reporter asked him if he' sick of being asked the question.

"It no longer affects me at all," said Edwards. "Now I'm being asked since just before Iowa, so it has no impact at all."