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Echosmith singer Sydney Sierota talks making a new album and teaming up with Nutella

In the three years since the release of their first album, California-based band Echosmith has been devoted to making people happy, so it was kind of a no-brainer for them to team up with Nutella for the new Spread the Happy series. 

Singer Sydney Sierota told CBS News that the pairing is a natural fit -- and she dished on the group’s upcoming second album, due in 2017.

The performance in the video looks so fun and intimate. How does that compare to a bigger show?

It’s totally different -- in a really cool way, though. I mean, we love the huge shows, but we also love the intimate, too. That’s what was really special about doing this video with them. We were able to do something that we don’t get to do all the time, it was so special. We were able to have fans there that have been to, like, eight shows. It was incredible. It was really great to give back to our fans and friends and families in that way. But for us it didn’t feel like giving back since it was such a gift to us. So it was a really nice time to do a mini, little concert out in the woods, basically, in the cutest environment.

How did the band get involved with Nutella for this?

We were super-interested when this came up because we have the same message -- we just do it in different ways. It’s called Spread the Happy -- that’s the whole series. That’s what we try to do with music, and they’re doing that with a spread, something that people love eating. When we realized that our messages aligned so much, we were just really excited to do this partnership together.

How much of a Nutella addict were you prior to this?

I was a huge fan. I love having some on toast for breakfast. It’s just a great thing to add to anything, really. I just love eating Nutella anyway, and I never even thought that this could be an option.

What are the band’s plans for 2017?

We’re finishing an album now, so we’ll be putting out new music next year, which means that we’ll be probably touring and just going around the world a couple more times. It’s pretty awesome.

How has the writing process been for the second album?

It’s been really fun because we’ve just tried capture our lives as they are now and what we’ve gone through. We’ve had such a special life and we’ve gotten to have such an awesome three or four years of doing things that people don’t normally get to do. It’s not like the songs are about traveling, but our perspectives have changed in a way. We’re writing about love for real this time rather than just a movie that I saw. I was only 14 or 15 when we wrote and recorded the first album, and now I’m 19, which is really different even though it’s not that far away. So it’s cool to really just write honestly about life itself and the perspectives that we have now. It’s just been a really freeing process.

Musically, how do you think things have changed for this album?

I think just naturally, because we’ve gotten older, I like to think I’ve gotten more mature in the past few years. That definitely has made a big difference, but musically too your inspirations change and what you’re into changes. You know, you’re constantly changing as humans in general. But we’ve kind of just stayed true to who we are as a band, but at the same time we’re evolving and changing. It’s very interconnected. So it’s been a fun way to figure out because we’ve just been exploring when we were writing this year -- exploring what we wanted to even talk about. And we really found it. It’s really exciting to know that we can share that with the world very soon.

Is there a release date?

There is not, but we are trying to figure that out. Hopefully by the end of the year. 

Nutella® Originals – Echosmith Spreads the Happy Through Song by Nutella USA on YouTube