Dzhokhar and Tamerlan: A profile of the Tsarnaev brothers

How could two young men who call the U.S.home become suspected terrorists? Friends and family offer insight on the brothers linked to the Boston Marathon bombings

On Friday, Ruslan Tsarni was burning with rage toward his nephews.

"He put a shame, he put a shame on our family, the Tsarni family! He put a shame on the entire Chechen ethnicity!" Ruslan Tsarni exclaimed, burning with rage on Friday.

A day later, the horrible reality seemed to set in and he quietly remembered how different they once were, especially the younger brother Dzhokhar.

"He was an awesome kid. Happy kid. With nice big ears. Always smiling. He was special," Tsarni to CBS News' Chip Reid.

He said there was a time when older brother Tamerlan was special, too.

"I wanted Tamerlan to be big brother to all my family to my children, my girls," he said.

But that was before a deeply disturbing phone call with Tamerlan in 2009, the last time they spoke.

"It was a different Tamerlan, seeing no purpose in life, but pursue path of God. When I ask what is the path...he would say some kind of jihad," Tsnari explained.

Tamerlan, he says, had suddenly become radicalized.

"It's a very, very sort of flow of words, love in the name of God, jihad," he said.

Tsarni says it wasn't coming from a foreign influence -- it was coming from his nephew's hometown.

"The seed was planted right there. The seed was planted in this little town of Cambridge area," he said.

"So it wasn't online, it wasn't from overseas, it was right there in Cambridge?" Reid asked.

"It was right there," Tsarni replied.

Tsarni says he feels deep sadness for the victims and their families and he hopes that Dzhokhar will eventually seek their forgiveness. He's horrified at what happened to his two nephews, who he once thought he knew so well.

Why does Tsarni think Dzhokhar was involved in the bombing?

"The older brother involved him. Even the worst gangster would not involve his family member, especially younger sibling, into something dirty and cruel like this," Tsarni said. "He's just another victim."