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Dropbox matches Google Drive with 5GB free


(CBS News) Dropbox announced Friday an upgrade to its photo uploader. The service is now making it easier to upload photos from any camera, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Dropbox offers 5GB of free cloud storage

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service, comparable with Microsoft's SkyDrive or Google Drive. The service works by syncing folders on your computer with a disk drive in the cloud and mobile devices. A free membership comes with 2GB of space.

The update includes the ability to upload photos of videos by plugging your camera, phone, or SD card into your Mac or Windows computer. Other features include:

Dropbox uploads all photos and videos in original size, at full resolution to a private "Camera Uploads" folder.

Once in your folder, you have the option to view your pictures on the new Photos page, with nice large thumbnails, grouped by month.

Dropbox's photo uploader has been in beta since February. At the time, the cloud storage service offered extra free storage space at 500 megabyte increments, up to 4.5 gigabytes, for each automatic photo upload to the cloud. Technically, it was 5 GB of space - if you included the 500 MB for the first photo import.

Friday's update reiterates the extra space that comes with uploading photos. The storage cap is 3GB for a total of 5GB of space. There is some speculation that Dropbox is matching Google Drive's 5GB of free storage. Google Drive launched on Wednesday, but is not widely available to the public yet.