Drill, Baby...Ugh

An offshore oil rig owned by BP sinks off the Gulf of Mexico, April 22, 2010.
Edison Chouest Offshore)
An offshore oil rig owned by BP sinks off the Gulf of Mexico, April 22, 2010.
Edison Chouest Offshore)

Watching the unfolding horror show taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, what can one say that hasn't already been said?

The pandering politicians and greedy industrialists justly deserve our fury and disgust. Their crocodile tears and bogus platitudes inspire contempt and then boredom. We've heard it all before.

Remember this? Yeah, that was a good call. One small blessing: With the exception of her latest musings on Facebook - "accidents still happen" - Palin and the rest of the "Drill, Baby, Drill" contingent have largely stayed out of the limelight while the clean-up crews attempt to deal with this mess. Can't say the same about Rush Limbaugh.

Broadcasting from the farthest reaches of our solar system, Limbaugh actually said the following on his radio "show:"

I want to get back to the timing of the blowing up, the explosion out there in the Gulf of Mexico of this oil rig. ... Now, lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, the carbon tax bill, cap and trade, that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day. I remember that. And then it was postponed for a couple of days later after Earth Day, and then of course immigration has now moved in front of it. But this bill, the cap-and-trade bill, was strongly criticized by hardcore environmentalist wackos because it supposedly allowed more offshore drilling and nuclear plants, nuclear plant investment. So, since they're sending SWAT teams down there, folks, since they're sending SWAT teams to inspect the other rigs, what better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I'm just noting the timing here.

Sure. No doubt ACORN had something to do with the disaster. Good chance that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were in on it as well. And let's not count out Van Jones. That guy would give his left pinky finger for an opportunity to work up a little agitprop while we weren't paying close attention.

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Meanwhile back on planet Earth, the story gets only more mind-numbing with each revelation. On Friday, we found out that BP had not planned for a major oil spill. In its 2009 exploration plan and environmental impact analysis the company said that it was unlikely, or virtually impossible, for an accident to cause a giant crude oil spill and major damage to beaches, fish and mammals.

Here's what the PR guy for the company had to say:

"The sort of occurrence that we've seen on the Deepwater Horizon is clearly unprecedented," BP spokesman David Nicholas told The Associated Press "It's something that we have not experienced before ... a blowout at this depth."

Since the rig went kablooie on April 20, it's estimated that up to 5,000 barrels a day have leaked into the Gulf with the spill extending to some 2,100 square miles. And, of course, 11 workers have lost their lives. After all the Sturm und Drang of the last year, this is something real, not phony, that's worthy of stirring popular outrage.

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