Dramatic changes to technology on the way

Imagine touching this screen and actually feeling the material. Dr. Meyerson predicts new cognitive systems will allow your devices to do that and more.
CBS News

(CBS News) Remember what life was like without smartphones, computers, or the Internet? In just 20 years or so, these things have dramatically changed our lives, and more innovative technology is quickly emerging.

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Just like email changed the world of communication, there are other inventions that will revolutionize the way we experience the world. Dr. Bernie Meyerson, fellow and vice president of innovation for IBM, reveals some "serious mind-blowers" in the tech world that will change our lives during the next five years.

The era of cognitive systems

In the past, breakthroughs were highlighted by making technology not just better, but faster and cheaper. Dr. Meyerson predicts that will stop in the next five years, as we'll have rendered the pieces so small, they will be unusable.

"Literally the transistors that you make things out of are becoming atomic scale, which means they stop working," he said on "CBS This Morning: Saturday." "You have to come up with a new idea."

For Meyerson, the next big invention will be cognitive systems, which will create a whole new type of architecture for computers. In their own way, they will be able to see, smell, touch, taste and hear.

With cognitive systems, daily activities will become much easier because computers are becoming "more sensory in the application," he said. You'll be able to purchase a new dress online in a snap, you'll be able to feel the material on your phone before you buy it, and your phone might even be able to predict what you'd like to eat, based on your reaction to certain smells. What you smell, it will smell.

It'll even let you know when to seek medical attention. Meyerson predicts, "If you sneeze, you cell phone says, 'Oh, by the way, you want to get to the doctor because you're going to be unbelievably sick in two days.'"

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