Dr. Phil McGraw: I don't like confrontation

The king of daytime television -- Dr. Phil McGraw -- is No. 1 in the ratings after ten years of straight talk. He can be quite a bulldog when he wants to be, but Gayle King learned that the tough guy on TV can be a big softie given the right surroundings.

McGraw really doesn't like confrontation. "You know, even when I was growing up, I would go in and out my bedroom window to keep from going through the house because I didn't like confrontation. And there was a lot of that that going on. I'd do anything to avoid it."

Though his show is sometimes based on confrontation McGraw said, "Well, but I never confront just to be confronting. I never support just to be supporting. I assess the situation. And if somebody is really headed for self destruction, I am definitely willing to step up and give them a wake-up call."

Watch the video in the player above to see McGraw open up about the future of the show, his family and how honesty has been a cornerstone of his broadcast .

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