This bird has hair like Donald Trump and the internet can't handle it

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Donald Trump’s hair is probably feeling pretty good right about now. 

A golden pheasant bird named Little Red has taken the internet by storm for its pouf of yellow feathers that closely resemble President-elect Trump’s signature look. The 5-year-old bird, who was previously living a quiet life at Hangzhou Safari Park in China, has become an overnight sensation.

The bird’s keeper told the Daily Mail that he didn’t notice the resemblance until Trump was elected president and a local reporter wrote about the feathered doppelgangers. “I expect more tourists to come to our zoo to see the pheasant now that he has been in the news,” the keeper said.

“Little Red” has become a sudden internet star. REUTERS

This isn’t the first time Trump has been compared to a non-human lookalike. Toxic caterpillars, corn, and, even pastries are just a few of the things that bear his likeness, social media users have observed.

Now that’s something to tweet about.