Donald Faison joins forces with America's favorite TV doctors

Noah Wyle, Alan Alda, Patrick Dempsey, Lisa Edelstein and Donald Faison for Cigna.


Donald Faison put on his stethoscope again to play Dr. Christopher Turk, but this time, it wasn’t for scrubs. 

Faison teamed up with actors Patrick Dempsey, Alan Alda, Noah Wyle and Lisa Edelstein in a video to encourage people to see a real doctor for annual check-ups and take control of their health.

TV Doctors of America by Cigna on YouTube

The group partnered with Cigna for this campaign, something Faison told CBS News was a learning experience he didn’t quite expect. “Through Cigna I learned about my key numbers [like blood pressure and cholesterol]. If I can keep the key numbers in check I have a better chance of watching my own kids grow to be adults,” said Faison. 


Actor Donald Faison (R), CaCee Cobb (L) and children attend Safe Kids Day at Smashbox Studios on April 24, 2016 in Culver City, California. 

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Safe Kids Worldwide

Faison, most notable for his roles in hit series such as “Clueless” and “Scrubs,” is a father to six children; his youngest two are both under the age of four.  

“I have two very young children and I want to be around for as long as possible to see them grow,” he said. “I need to take control of my health and if I can do that most Americans should be able to do it.” 

Donald said his time as Turk made this campaign a no-brainer for him: “Through ‘Scrubs’ I learned doctors are humans and they don’t want to give you the bad news. So if I can use my celebrity to tell people to go to the doctor, so be it. I had fun playing a TV doctor so if I can put that to good use to help people then I’m down for that.” 

So can fans expect a “Scrubs” reunion anytime soon?

“Zach (Braff) and I carry on the J.D. and Turk relationship through our real-life friendship now,” he tells us. “If there was a chance for us to do a project together again that would be great. We don’t have to be doctors though, it could be something else. I’ve always wanted to be a space pirate, so it could be a show about traveling through the galaxy I don’t know. I spent a majority of my life for pretty much everyday with these people, so it would be awesome to work with them again.”


Actors Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison poses for a publicity photo for the television show ‘Scrubs.’

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