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Dog says "mama" when baby can't, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a dog that speaks up when a snack is on the line and a colorful spider's entertaining mating ritual.

Andrea Diaz-Giovanini is trying to teach her 9-month-old son Sam how to say "mama," hoping that bribing him with some food will do the trick. But, seeing an opportunity to score a snack, Patches, her 10-year-old Australian Shepherd, steps up to say the word Andrea's longing to hear.

BONUS: Here's Patches getting the reward he so richly deserved.

In Cape Riche, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, a male Maratus personatus, or peacock spider, is doing his best to attract a potential mate. Though it may seem like it, his adorable and hilarious antics are not sped up or modified in anyway -- that's just the natural way the spider moves.

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