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Does Apple Need Government Regulation?

There's a movement afoot to get the government to regulate Apple, according to the New York Times. Apparently, some application developers and companies with competing technologies think that Apple isn't playing fair with its market clout. The article specifically cited Apple's refusal to support Adobe Flash and Google ad SPAM. It also mentioned Apple's heavy-handed approval process for IPhone apps.

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In my opinion, the idea that the government should regulate Apple is the biggest load of horse manure I've seen drop off the garbage truck in a month of casual Fridays.

Never mind that Flash (i.e. automatically downloaded executables that can alter your file system) is one of the freakin' stupidest ideas in the universe if you want a stable operating environment.
Never mind that Google has such a headlock on the Internet so much clout that it can run roughshod over the world's largest media companies.
The problem here isn't Apple, it's the pinheads in the rest of high tech who simply can't get their act together. (Check out this piece of egregious stupidity from Motorola.)

As I see it, these firms pushing the government to go after a company whose only crime appears to be making a better product, with a better user experience and keeping it clean of crap from companies that can only make money by annoying people or creating massive security holes.

READERS: Have you ever in your life heard anything more ludicrous?