Divorce Squabble, Driven To Extreme

A Utah woman going through a divorce is accused of putting the dispute into high gear by trying to run over her husband with an SUV — in the lobby of a Salt Lake City building.

It was


Police have charged Brenda White, 30, with attempted murder.

They say witnesses saw the man running through the parking lot with his wife chasing him in the vehicle. He darted into the building, and she drove through its glass walls, down a hallway, and into the lobby, still trying to get at him.

According to police, White grazed her target. He suffered a serious ankle injury; she had minor injuries from breaking glass.

Witnesses say White backed up, possibly trying to hit him again, but bystanders managed to calm her down.

The bystanders add the man could be a hero: A small girl was in the path of the truck, but he pushed her out of the way moments before he was hit by the SUV.