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Youtube – which, incidentally, was just hit with its first copyright lawsuit – has emerged as an interesting place to find alternative reports on the Middle East crisis, as well as raw footage of bombings, notes Eric Deggans.

He directs us to four videos:

This one shows Israeli, American and Arab news reports, and in the process reveals the different slants of the coverage.

This one has Noam Chomsky offering "Lebanon Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You."

This one is raw footage of a bombing in Lebanon, complete with jarring audio.

And this one is a pretty bizarre hip hop song – about terrorism.

There are also a number of reports from mainstream media outlets posted on the site, though they well might raise copyright issues. In any event, Youtube, along with other, similar sites, has an interesting, if messy, compendium of videos relevant to the conflict. So if you want to poke around for something you're not going to see on the "Evening News," start searching.

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