Dickerson: Biden gave Dems reason to "cheer"

Vice President Joe Biden came ready "with a full set of weaponry" in Thursday night's spirited vice presidential debate, keeping Republican contender Paul Ryan on the defensive and giving Democrats "something to cheer about," CBS News political director John Dickerson said on "CBS This Morning."

"Joe Biden was out there hitting Ryan and Romney on everything Democrats said President Obama left on the table," Dickerson said. "In fact, in one answer he did three of those attacks all in a single sentence."

Ryan, who was making his national debate debut, "pretty much held his own" against the barrage of attacks, Dickerson said. "Paul Ryan, for the first time ever in this kind of setting, had to deal with this antic character to his right ... He was constantly on the defensive."

For Democrats, Dickerson said, Biden served as a "passionate warrior for the middle class" while Ryan "had to defend Mitt Romney."

Still, he argued that while Biden's performance gave Democrats peace of mind following President Obama's lackluster showing last week, he likely didn't win over any swing voters with his performance style.

"What Romney did was two things: He energized his base and he reached out to swing voters. I'm not sure Biden did that," said Dickerson. But he pointed out that swing voters are likely to make their decision on the presidential choice - not the VP.