'Devil' Song Still Strong, Since '79

Charlie Daniels band on "The Early Show" as part of Time Machine series. 1979 marked. 110209
In "The Early Show"'s "Time Machine" series, The Charlie Daniels Band took us back 30 years with their hit crossover hit song, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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Back in '79, the band took a simple story of a fiddle competition between a boy named Johnny and the Devil, and burned up the charts.

The song went platinum and climbed to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to Mark "Hawkeye" Louis, the morning host of KSCS-FM Dallas, "Everybody wanted to hear this song. You could be like the biggest rocker, or you know you could be a redneck, everybody wanted to hear 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.' And you know what? They still want to hear it 30 years later."

Daniels, a self-taught musician, said he thinks some songs, such as "Devil," have more of an impact when you speak them.

Daniels said on "The Early Show" he recently received an award for "Devil" for having the song played four million times on radio.

Daniels, who is 73, said he didn't have any idea how big the song would eventually get in pop culture.

"I had an idea it would do pretty fair for us, but I had no idea it would do what it's done," he said. "We're talking, it's 30 years after the fact, and it's still our most requested song."

"Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter Dave Price called Daniels "remarkable."

Price, who went to Iraq and Kuwait with Daniels, said when Daniels takes the stage - more than any other performer - it's "unreal."

The Grammy winner has other hits, including "In America," which showcases his heart-felt patriotism.

Louis said Daniels draws strength from his faith.

"(His faith) kind of comes out in his music, and it kind of comes out in his convictions," he said.

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