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Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty to hush money charges

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to two charges related to his alleged efforts to conceal sexual misconduct.

In a proceeding that lasted about 20 minutes, Hastert pleaded not guilty and agreed to submit to a DNA sample if asked, to surrender his passport, to avoid anyone associated with the case, and to remove all firearms from his home. He will remain free on a $4,500 bond.

Judge Thomas Durkin disclosed that he had made donations to Hastert's campaign years ago (Hastert has not been in office since 2007). While Durkin said he had never met the former speaker, he offered to recuse himself for this. He added that if the parties agreed, he would remain on the case, and he gave them until Thursday afternoon to decide.

Hastert, the longest serving Republican House speaker in history, was indicted last month and charged with violating federal banking laws and lying to FBI investigators. According to the indictment, Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million in 2010 to a person identified only as "Individual A," in an effort to "compensate and conceal" Hastert's "prior misconduct."

Law enforcement sources have told CBS News that the misconduct mentioned in court documents refers to sexual misconduct allegations involving a young man that date back more than 30 years. From 1965-1981, Hastert was a popular teacher and wrestling coach in Yorkville, Illinois.

To conceal the allegations of misconduct, prosecutors allege that Hastert withdrew a total of $1.7 million from a number of his personal bank accounts to give to the unnamed individual over a four-year period.

Hastert appeared humbled and subdued at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse on Tuesday, according to CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds.

The former speaker has retained Washington-based attorney Thomas Green, who has defended high-profile clients all the way back to the Watergate scandal, as well as Chicago-based attorney John Gallo.

CBS News Producer Charlie Brooks contributed to this report.

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