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Democrats celebrate collapse of GOP health care bill on social media

After Republican leadership pulled the GOP health care bill from the House floor on Friday afternoon, those opposed to the legislation shared gleeful reactions on Twitter. 

Some went the “schadenfreude” route. “Hey Republicans, don’t worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act,” quipped Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).

California Rep. Adam Schiff mocked President Trump for blaming Democrats rather than members of his own party for failing to back the bill.

Hillary Clinton let loose with a series of tweets, starting with one that declared, “Today was a victory for all Americans.” She praised those who called their representatives and showed up at town hall meetings to make their voices heard, and added, “This fight isn’t over yet.” 

Then she followed up with the stories of Americans whose lives were changed by access to health care. 

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who had earlier warned that millions would lose health care coverage under the GOP bill, stuck to a more measured tone on Twitter Friday. She, too, called the decision to pull the bill “a victory for all Americans”: 

The reactions weren’t limited to congressional Democrats; former Obama White House staffers (and current “Pod Save America” hosts) were eager to share their satisfaction: 

And “Art of the Deal” and #TrumpcareFail quickly began to trend in liberal circles:

Even those from unexpected corners of the internet, like horror author Stephen King, weighed in: 

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