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Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and Marianne Williamson won Google search war

Harris confronts Biden over race at debate
Harris confronts Biden over race at Democratic debate 03:58

Sen. Kamala Harris, followed by Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, was the most-searched candidate on Google in the majority of states by the end of the second Democratic debate Thursday night. For a while, Harris was the top-trending topic in search on all of Google in the U.S.

Author Marianne Williamson — with unusual comments like her claim her first act in office would be to call the leader of New Zealand — was the most searched candidate as the debate drew to a close, according to Google.

That's a sharp contrast from before the debate, when Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Harris and Andrew Yang were the most-sought-after candidates on the search engine.

Harris stood out from the stage of 10 most remarkably during an exchange with former Vice President Joe Biden over segregation and busing. Harris pointed out that Biden was opposed to some types of busing to help integrate schools, to which Biden responded that he opposed the Department of Education's intervention in busing. Harris herself was bused to school as a child in California.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had a few standout moments, including addressing the tensions between the police force in his city and the black community, a divide that's been highlighted after black man was shot by a white police officer.

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