Deep "Do" Doo

Katie's hair style last night prompted some e-mails this morning.

Some, like these two, loved it:

OK, I know that men don't have to go through this, but such is life. Your hair-do tonight is just right. You look sleek, svelte and like you chose the 'do' yourself because it seems so comfortable on you. Stick with it, please. It is a do that is easy and ready for any event. You look great.

Love the new hairstyle! Sounding and looking superbly as ever.

But then there were those who consider it less a hair-do than a hair-don't:
We think you are a great newsperson and a good role model for women but...Please, dear God up in heaven, lose the hair-do you had tonight (pulled back tightly). You are very attractive, but this hair-do makes you look like a Soviet prison matron.
But the pithiest comment was probably this one:
Granny from the "Beverly Hillbillies" called. She wants her bun back.
Sigh. TGIF.