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D.C. Sniper's Family: "We Have a Letter"

Sniper John Allen Muhammad refused to utter any last words as he was executed, taking to the grave answers about why and how he plotted the killings of 10 people that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area for three weeks in October 2002.

However, a lawyer for Mohammad's family said Tuesday that "we have a letter" - presumably written by Mohammad - that would be disclosed at a later time.

At a press conference in Richmond, the sniper's family refused to comment but their lawyer Charlene Paterson "expressed remorse" on their behalf and said they were not prepared to disclose the letter.

"Based on the emotional climate, some of the comments I am sure you are all aware of last night, the family is not comfortable disclosing any of the details on that letter at this time," Paterson said.

Other than revealing the existence of a letter, Paterson had no further comment.

Last week, attorneys for Muhammad released a May 2008 letter in which he proclaimed his innocence. In the letter dated May 8, 2008, and rife with misspellings, Muhammad writes of discussions with a new team of attorneys and of assurances that "exculpatory evidence" that he claims was withheld from his trial "will prove my innocent and what really happen ...."

Relatives of the victims of the sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area say they would have liked to hear John Allen Muhammad voice some remorse before he was executed last night.

Others, meanwhile, say they're glad he's gone and won't hurt more people.

Muhammad died Monday night at a prison near Richmond. He offered no final statement.

Bob Meyers, whose brother was fatally shot at a Virginia gas station, was among the witnesses. He says he would have liked Muhammad to take some responsibility for his actions.

Nelson Rivera, whose wife was gunned down at a Maryland gas station, says he "can breathe better."

Sonia Hollingsworth-Wills, whose son was the last man killed, remained in a car outside the prison as Muhammad was put to death. She says she'll never get complete closure, but she can now put this behind her.

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