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There are two very special participants in a race this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway. Paul Newman, 75 will be the oldest driver ever in the history of the race and, his teammate Gunnar Jeannette, 17 will be the youngest driver ever to drive on the Daytona Speedway. And they spoke with The Early Show's Jane Clayson Friday.

Paul Newman first took an interest in auto racing while filming the 1968 motion picture "Winning", in which he played the role of an Indy 500 driver. He has since won several awards and recognition for his acting career, but has never gotten the racing bug out of his system. His next project, coming out in a few monts is a film called "Where the Money Is." He plays a bank robber who fakes a stroke to get out of prison, but his caretaker Linda Fiorentino does not make things easy for him.

His racing partner Gunner who's been driving since his sixteenth birthday, says he is usually quite nervous until he gets behind the wheel. He says Newman "brings alot of wisdom to the team." It is their first race together. Gunnar, a high school senior in West Palm Beach considers racing a hobby for now, and is planning to go to college for mechanical engineering.

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Facts about the race:

  • The race, called the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona lasts for 24 hours from 1 pm et Saturday to 1 pm et Sunday.
  • There are three to four drivers on each team racing Porshes. There are 80 teams in the race.
  • Each gas tank lasts one hour and a half-- and the drivers switch when the gas is pumped. The porshes will eventually go for 2,700 miles in the race, which is the distance from NY to LA.
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