David Bowie fans demand more from 60 Minutes

"Why not turn the David Bowie clips into a full segment? That was not a proper tribute at all," one viewer tweeted

When 60 Minutes announced it would feature unaired excerpts from the never-completed profile of David Bowie on Sunday night, fans tuned in.

Some did so grudgingly:

When the Starman finally appeared at the end of the broadcast, viewers were moved by some of the things he said:

But many of the fans who tuned in were turned off once they realized the tribute was only three minutes long:

Luckily there's more where that came from and it's on 60 Minutes Overtime. Listen to David Bowie talk about songwriting, his first time in a recording studio, and the enduring magic of "Ziggy Stardust":

Music was his passion. It comes through and through in these clips. Ohh...to find your passion early in life and be able to live it...He was a lucky, lucky man..

Posted by Gail Thomas on Monday, January 11, 2016