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Darren Aronofsky says new film at Sphere allows viewers to see nature "in a way they've never experienced before"

Film at Las Vegas Sphere focuses on Earth
New Darren Aronofsky film at Las Vegas Sphere focuses on our planet 05:04

Las Vegas has added an awe-inspiring new landmark to its iconic skyline with the debut of Sphere. The massive $2 billion dome was officially opened with a performance by U2 a few weeks ago. It is not just a concert venue, but also a backdrop for an innovative new film experience.

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, "Postcard from Earth" blends science fiction and nature into a documentary that takes viewers on an immersive journey. With the film, which was created specifically for showing at Sphere, "people will see things and see nature in a way they've never experienced before," Aronofsky said.

The film, which debuted last week, was shot on all seven continents and comes to life on the largest and highest-resolution LED screen in the world, stretching 160,000 square feet. 

"Once you see the size of this thing, four football fields in size, it's an amazing feeling to watch it. It's hard to work with because the camera sees everything, so you have to kind of come up with shots that really are about everything," said Aronofsky.

The immersive experience is so convincing that people can forget they are watching a movie. Seats rattle as the film's wind and air effects blow into the audience. 

Aronofsky, known for films like "Black Swan," "The Wrestler" and "The Whale," is no stranger to exploring complex themes. "Postcard from Earth" narrates a story primarily about how humans came to dominate, and in turn, endanger our planet. While it doesn't explicitly mention climate change, Aronofsky hopes it will "present some possibilities of how we can get out of this mess."

"I think it's very important not to lean into the despair that's out there, but to actually look for solutions. I think the human race is moving towards a solution, and hopefully we'll do it quick enough," Aronofsky said.

Aronofsky said he is excited to see what future filmmakers do with the Sphere space. He also said that even if people don't like his movie, "the tech in this building is incredible and the screen itself is unbelievable."

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