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Daredevil Scales Sears Tower

Television viewers around the country were treated this morning to something more than the usual traffic copter shots. A man in a red skintight suit was scaling the 1,450-foot Sears tower in Chicago while many of us were still having our first cup of coffee.

Alain Robert, a French daredevil known as "Spiderman", scales skyscrapers as a publicity stunt. He has made it to the top of more than 30 skyscrapers, including New York's Empire State Building.

The spectacle at America's tallest skyscraper ended with success, but the celebration didn't last very long, reports CBS station WBBM-TV in Chicago. Police, who had reached the top via the elevator, were already in place and waiting with handcuffs. Roberts was taken into custody and could face charges. Viewers weren't able to see the drama at the top because cloud cover prevented cameras from catching the moment of victory.

The Sears Tower was the world's tallest from the time it was completed in 1973 until 1996. In '96, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, was ruled taller at 1,483 feet.

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