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Oklahoma City Council settles excessive force lawsuit of ex-cop for $25,000

The Oklahoma City Council has approved a $25,000 settlement in an excessive force lawsuit against a former police officer who is serving a 263-year sentence for rape and other sexual offenses. City Clerk Frances Kersey says the council unanimously voted Tuesday to settle the case brought against Daniel K. Holtzclaw.

The lawsuit was filed by Demetria M. Campbell, who says the ex-police officer pushed her into a brick wall in 2013. City records say she was treated in an emergency room after the incident and incurred $14,400 in medical expenses.

Campbell was not among the 12 black women and black teenager Holtzclaw was found guilty of sexually assaulting in 2015. Those 13 victims also sued the city and the former officer following his 2014 arrest.

Daniel Holtzclaw seen Sept. 3, 2014. AP

Campbell alleges in her lawsuit that Holtzclaw pushed her without provocation in 2013, banging her face and head against a brick wall outside a restaurant while he was on duty. He then handcuffed Campbell and shoved her into his patrol vehicle, according to the petition.

"Plaintiff prayed and sobbed as Defendant Holtzclaw traveled with her handcuffed in the backseat of his patrol vehicle through various parts of the city," the lawsuit states. "After some time, Defendant Holtzclaw released (Campbell) without filing charges, but accused her of fitting the description of an individual who had stolen a vehicle."

Campbell received treatment at a hospital emergency room 90 minutes later, according to a city council memo from Municipal Counselor Kenneth Jordan. She provided documentation detailing $14,400 of medical expenses and said the incident inflicted physical and emotional injury.

Campbell also said Holtzclaw pressed against her inappropriately. But, a district court judge ruled any sexual misbehavior during the encounter would fall outside the scope of Holtzclaw's employment with the city, according to court records.

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