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Dangling TV Tower Jumper Rescued

A base jumper made landfall later than he planned early Friday morning.

He took the daredevil plunge from CBS affiliate KOVR-TV's 2,000-foot transmitter tower in Walnut Grove, Calif., but his bid for the perfect landing on his 41st birthday was cut short.

John Agnos' parachute became tangled in wires, leaving him stranded 200 feet above the ground. He used his cell phone to call for help, but rescuing him proved difficult.

The responding emergency units were only equipped with a 105-foot ladder.

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Agnos hovered above the ground for close to five hours before firefighters
were able to get him down.

Officials say Agnos has broken bones in both arms as a result of the stunt.

According to firefighters, this isn't the first time Agnos jumped from that tower.

Authorities say base jumping is a misdemeanor, and Agnos may face charges.

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