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Dad Gets Romantic Honeymoon

The Early Show's "Week of Wishes" continues this morning with a request straight from the heart of a Minnesota girl named Jennifer. The teenager had lost her mother to cancer and even risked losing her dad, too, with her behavior.

About his wife, Dale Nesbitt says, "She was just a wonderful part of my life; she was just someone I always wanted to be with."

Jennifer remembers her mom as, "Always talking, always having fun, very proud of having kids, very proud of us."

And she recalls, "She found a lump, and she waited to get test results back before she told us because she didn't want to tell us and worry us and have it be nothing."

But it was something; it was cancer, and Julie Nesbitt faced an uncertain battle. The disease ravaged her body, leaving her frail and weak. Three years ago, it took her life.

Jennifer says, "I was very happy that the last thing I told her was, 'Good night, Mommy. I love you.'"

Julie Nesbitt was the glue that held the Nesbitt family together. And when she died, it seemed that things might unravel. Her husband Dale found himself with three kids, yet very much alone.

Dale Nesbitt says, "I was stumbling over myself, trying to figure out what to do, and just not believing in myself at the time, because I just felt so empty inside."

And Jennifer, the oldest of three children, wasn't making life any easier for him.

Jennifer admits, "I just didn't think he understood what I was going through. He didn't lose his mom."

About a year after his wife's death, Dale went to the St. Patrick's tavern, where he met owner Betty St. Martin They began dating - another test for Dale's kids.

Dale Nesbitt says, "For the most part, they were OK with me dating her. They had a little problem after I asked her to marry me, though."

Jennifer says, "I told them I would never stand for it, and I wouldn't be in their wedding, and I would protest against it, and I would never accept it. And I walked out."

Dale Nesbitt remained determined to marry St. Martin, but Jennifer's reaction gave St. Martin pause.

St. Martin says, "I wanted the kids to feel comfortable with me. And a couple of times, we did postpone it. I mean, he would have gotten married the day after he asked me!"

Then, just weeks after her 17th birthday, Jennifer would shock the Nesbitt family.

"Yeah," Jennifer says. "Dad's little girl got pregnant."

The father was Jennifer's boyfriend, Chris. And they got the news a week before Chris was to leave for the Air Force. It was then, as the Nesbitt family neared crisis, that the pieces actually started coming together.

Jennifer says, "I told Betty first. I was afraid to tell my dad."

St. Martin adds, "She took me in to her heart and soul, and let me know how she felt."

And Dale Nesbitt managed to overcome his initial anger, to show his daughter the support she'd always yearned for.

He says, "I had to come to terms with that. I just walked up to her and I said 'OK, now that you've made your decision, here's your job: No.1 - make me a good little baby. And she did."

Jennifer married Chris in December, and in March, Timothy was born. Jennifer loves seeing her dad with his grandson and marvels at the support he's shown her in the last year.

"Emotionally," Jennifer says, "My dad just kept talking to me, which is something he never - we never really did before. He would talk about us as kids. He would just light up, talking about us, and that made me feel good, that this was reminding him of us, and he was happy."

So Dale Nesbitt and Betty St. Martin were asked to visit the show to talk about families moving on after loss.

About Jennifer, Dale Nesbitt tells co-anchor Rene Syler, "She likes to fight. She's stubborn, but you know, if it's a good thing, you can work through anything. No matter what troubles are, you can work through it, as long as you have a good heart and mind about things. And it turns out OK."

But then Jennifer revealed the real reason that she, husband Chris and son Timothy, the soon-to-be married couple and Jennifer's siblings Dayler and Katrina visited The Early Show.

Jennifer had asked for the following wish: "I would like to thank my dad and his soon-to-be wife, for their support. They are getting married in August. And I wish they could have a romantic honeymoon."

Nadine Kneeppel, representative of Air Pacific, Sheraton Fiji Resorts and Fiji Visitor's Bureau, surprised the couple saying, "On behalf of Air Pacific, the Fiji Visitor's Bureau and Sheraton Resorts, I'm honored to present complimentary air travel to Fiji on Air Pacific and a five-night stay at the Sheraton Fiji resorts. There are three resorts to choose from. Congratulations. You're going to Fiji on your honeymoon."

Dale Nesbitt's response to his daughter?

"I love you," he told her.

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