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Cynthia Nixon might run for New York governor against Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon is reportedly considering running for governor of New York. The "Sex and the City" actress and education activist has been meeting with two Democratic political operatives and might be looking to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in this year's gubernatorial election, reports the New York Times. 

Though Nixon's rep did not comment on the conversation the actress had with political advisors Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyer, she did say that Nixon will "continue to explore" running for office, pointing out that "many concerned New Yorkers" have encouraged the run. 

"If and when such a decision is made, Cynthia will be sure to make her plans public," her publicist told The Times. Rumors of Nixon's interest in running for office have swirled for a year.

Katz and Hyers used to advise Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is frequently at odds with Cuomo. Nixon has also been critical of Cuomo. 

If Nixon were elected governor, she would be the state's first female governor and the first who is openly LGBTQ. 

Nixon is known for her activism in the education sector, but The Times reports that she has also been brushing up on transportation and other policy issues. The poor track record of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which operates New York City's subways and a number of commuter rail services, is one topic that could hurt Cuomo in a Democratic primary.

Nixon is the only one out of the four main stars of "Sex and the City" who has not weighed in on the possibility of a third "Sex and the City" movie or Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker's feud.

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