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The cutest discoveries of 2014

It has been a year of amazing scientific breakthroughs, including advancements in artificial intelligence as well as the Rosetta mission that landed a spacecraft on a comet.

But none of those findings were all that cute.

For that, you would have to turn to Nature's list of the 10 cutest animals in science for 2014.

Their list includes a dancing frog in Latin America that flicks its leg to attract mates; a species of Marmoset found to learn from watching how-to videos; the revelation that dogs line up their bodies with Earth's magnetic field when peeing; and the discovery of five new species of Toupee monkeys in Latin America. Yes, they really look like they are wearing toupees.

The honor of topping the list came down to a toss-up between two studies. One used a robot dressed up as a baby Emperor penguin - so lifelike that some penguins tried to "talk" with it. The four-wheeled, mobile robot is used to monitor the penguin population. Without the costume, it scared the birds.

That was only matched in cuteness by a study finding that koalas have an unusual way of dealing with heat waves, which have become commonplace across Australia. They find the coolest tree to hold onto when temperatures start warming up. The hotter it gets, the tighter their grip.

See the full list in the video above.

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